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Affordable taxi to Schiphol airport

Do you need a taxi to the airport? Want to book a cheap Schiphol taxi? Call +31 (0)6 8282 7777 or book directly online!

Save up to 65%

Save up to 65%

We will find you the cheapest airport transfers from and to Schiphol Airport and all other airports. View your price and book directly online!

Fixed prices

Fixed prices

View your price and book directly online! Fixed low prices from and to Schiphol airport and all other airports. So you are completely unburdened and you are not faced with surprises.

Over 250,000 transfers

Over 250,000 transfers

We continue to get customers to and from the airport on time! So you can rely on our transport to the airport or home without any worries.

Amersfoort from and to Schiphol airport
Amstelveen from and to Schiphol airport
Amsterdam from and to Schiphol airport
Arnhem from and to Schiphol airport
Den Haag from and to Schiphol airport
Eindhoven from and to Schiphol airport
Haarlem from and to Schiphol airport
Rotterdam from and to Schiphol airport

Taxi services to and from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

We serve alle major airports in the Netherlands. Our service is a comfortable and affordable taxi service, providing a very convenient way to start or end your business or private journey.

Traveling with us, you can be assured of a journey in comfort at any time of the day, either from or to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS) or various regional airports.

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All off your
home comforts aboard
our luxury vehicles

You’ll find all of your home comforts aboard our luxury vehicles: enjoy free WiFi, comfort seats and air conditioning. So when you travel, why not choose the best?

You will be transported by friendly and properly dressed drivers in cars of the upper segment. Besides quality is crucial since missing a flight has serious consequences. Hence, arriving in time for our extra attention and Tasa Travel sets high standards in their planning to make sure that you are always on time at your destination.

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We score 9.1 out of 10, calculated from 77 customer reviews.

Excellent service. Will use it again. Thank you so much. Everyone Travelling from Amsterdam I will definitly recommend you.

I have used them two times. Both times I was very pleased. We arrived quickly and safe on our destinations. Thank you.

All clean, very helpful and great service. I have been transported for 3 times, still very happy with the services.

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Use our secure online booking system to book a taxi, quickly and easily. We will get you to your destination in no time. Or give us a call +31 (0)6 8282 7777, 24/7 available.

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